Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Review of 2015

This year I decided to do a year end review to document all of our highlights. As I was going through pictures, I realized I am missing a few (how is that possible??) I take tons and tons of pictures.

For the most part, this year was a good year for us. 


We went on a cruise to the Bahamas (my first time to ever go on a cruise). It was lots of fun and I would love to cruise again. 

When Beau and I first started dating, he told me all the time he wanted to take me to Atlantis. I love tropical places and he had seen a picture of it on the magazine cover in the airplane on one of his many business trips. Many years later, we made it to Atlantis and had a good time swimming with the dolphins. 


Kinsley turned 4!!! We celebrated by giving her the pony party she wanted.

We had lots of cold days and a couple of snow days. 


Baseball season started and we went to as many of Blake's games as we could. We used to go to, but then we had kids and it got a little harder. 

We also started eating and grilling outside a lot.

Daddy/Daughter Date! 


We had a great time celebrating Easter with family. 

We decided to get in the car and drive to Austin to go to the strawberry patch and to take the kids to one of our favorite restaurants: The Oasis on Lake Travis. 


We celebrated 5 years of marriage! It hasn't always been easy, marriage is hard work, but one thing for sure is: I love this man so much and couldn't imagine my life without him. 

Last minute, we decided to go on a little getaway to Chicago. We had a fun time together, just the two of us. 

Mother's Day lunch with my mom. 

We went to Durango Colorado with Beau's family. We had a great time and the kids loved Colorado. 

We woke up to snow on our first morning in Colorado. 

We fished... 

We went to Four Corners: We were each in a different state at the same time. 


Witten started his first year of swim lessons. He was not a fan!!! He cried 4 out of 5 days. 

Kinsey's first dance recital. 

This time we rented a beach house for all of us--it was nice. 


We had tons of fun celebrating the 4th of July!

The kids and my parents watching fireworks. 

The love of my life! <3

Our little family of four. 

We had to say goodbye to Lucky. She had a happy, long life. She was 17. 


We found out we were expecting baby #3. It was a surprise, but we are so excited to meet our little angel. This will complete our family and I think 5 is the perfect number. 

We round out the summer with swimming and lots of time with cousins. 

We spent the rest of the summer swimming, grilling out and enjoying time with cousins. 


Witten turned 3! We celebrated by having a party at the farm. It was hot, but the kids had the best time. 

Witten really wanted a bike for his birthday, so we let him pick this one. He learned how to ride his bike in no time. 

1st Day of Preschool for these two. 




Wrapped up preschool with a Christmas Program. Both kids did great and Witten was thrilled to perform. :)

We visited with Santa!

Santa 2015

A Night at the Polar Express. 

Beau planned a surprise for the day and we spent the night at the Gaylord. We had a great view of the atrium decorated for Christmas. We all had the best time. 

I love snuggle time with my babies. 

The LOVE of my life. I love one on one time with this man!!! The days spent with my people are the best days of my life. I love these 3 more than life itself. I am very blessed.  

2015 was good to us for the most part, but I hope 2016 is the very best year yet! 

Images by Freepik