Friday, January 13, 2017

Life Lately

Today I thought I would share a little bit of our day to day life with you... I love being at home with my kids and I am embracing everything that comes with it. Some days are long, but the years are short. I love this time with my family.

Bryson has been using his musical table some here and there. He has shown ZERO interest in becoming mobile. haha...

Morning snuggles watching cartoons before Kinsley is off to school. 

On Wednesday, we went and had lunch with Kinsley at school. We surprised her with Chick Fil A. Then, we took Bryson to get his first haircut. I normally wait until they turn one, but he really needed it.

Playing around after lunch on Snapchat. She loves doing this and I think it's pretty funny too. 

And next up: Witten got a haircut. 

Bryson loves when Witten joins in bath fun!

Witten has been playing with his car a lot. 

Bryson loved me peeking in the door! 

Snuggles with Bryson before Witten was off to school. 

Lunch time! This boy loves chicken & apples right now. 

Also, an important announcement: I have decided to start planning Disney vacations again! I can do everything for you, book accommodations, fast passes, dining reservations, etc. I love doing this for families and would love to help you plan your perfect Disney trip! If you would like some more information, email me at 

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