Saturday, December 7, 2013

Our Elf on The Shelf Arrived From The North Pole!!!

He's here, he's here, he's here!!!!!!! Our Elf has arrived from the North Pole!!!! We are SO excited!!! Kinsley didn't know what to think the first day, I think she was a little spooked at the thought of having an elf in our house.  She went with it and together we named him Jolly. Now I've got some catching up to do.... Our elf has been up to quite a few shenanigans since his arrival and the kids just LOVE it (Beau and I love it too)!

If you have not seen this out and about, here it is: you can find these at Target, Barnes and Noble, Amazon and I am sure other places sell them also. It comes with a story book that you read to your child. Your child/family will name the elf. If you touch him/her, he/she loses his magic and goes back to the North Pole. I also got the movie and my kids both love it! It has been SOOO much fun so far. 

He showed up with a few little treats for the kids, a Christmas book and a movie. 

Kinsley was thrilled to see that he was doing one of her puzzles! 

Kinsley made a Rudolph last year when we went to see Santa at Northpark Mall. She loves him and thought it was so funny that Jolly was riding on him. Now even Witten is excited when he sees Jolly various places throughout the house. 

Jolly brought the stuff we needed to make mini, green pies. Kinsley loves helping in the kitchen and also loves snacks. So, this was definitely a hit for her. The "stuff" he brought was a pack of 6 mini graham cracker crusts, pistachio pudding, Redi-Whip and Christmas sprinkles. We made the pudding according to the directions and poured it into the pies. We let it chill, then added Redi-whip and sprinkles. She loved it and thought it was even funnier that Jolly came to see the pies being made. As you can see, we had one very excited, little one. 

Later on we came into the kitchen and he was eating a pie! 

Today while we were out playing in the ice. He decided to color a page in the book for the kids. They loved it! 

This is such a fun tradition to do in your house or classroom. Jolly will keep returning year after year to take notes for Santa. 

Come back by to see what Jolly has been up to while visiting our house!

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