Wednesday, August 3, 2016

All About Kinsley

Today's post is all about Kinsley.

I have decided to do a few blog entries on each one of my kiddos, so that I can look back and remember what they liked and just things I want to remember. 

I can not believe Kinsley is 5 and getting ready to head to Kindergarten in just three short weeks. Here she is as a baby, ahhhh I miss that sweet baby girl!

Kinsley is really shy and quiet until you get to know her and then, she's a FIRECRACKER! She's got a big personality once you have gotten close to her. She's fun, spunky, sassy, helpful, smart, and sensitive. She's been labeled by some as an old soul. She loves playing, but also loves to have a good conversation with older people. If there is a Grandma around, she will find her and make a long conversation with her. :) 
She loves hanging out with the older people. 

She laughs at the silliest things, she is always prancing, skipping and dancing around. She loves her family and is very motherly to both her brothers. She loves to help when she can and is very independent. She loves all things girly: makeup, heels, fancy clothes, purses, jewelry.... 
She likes a little bit of clutter, is very sentimental, she loves stuffed animals. She loves animals, baking and all things fancy!

Kinsley enjoys being at home, but also likes being on the go. She enjoys a lot of different activities and "things". 

Right now, her favorites are.............


Dolls and barbies

Bike riding 
(she just learned how to ride without training wheels)


Kinsley loves quality time and lives for our "girl days". She loves getting our nails done together, having lunch together and shopping. She also loves just little bits of one on one time at home doing small things together. 

This kid isn't perfect, but who is? We have our challenges and moments just like anyone else.....but her heart is so sweet and her love is strong. The good and the not so good... she's precious to us. God has big plans for her life! We adore, love and cherish this little girls so very much. 

I asked Kinsley some of her favorite things right now:

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite TV Show: Alvinnnn and Sofia the First

Favorite Movie: Pirate Fairy

Favorite Food: Chicken & Dumplings

Favorite Place to Visit: Grandma's

Favorite Book: Mia and the Too Big Tutu

Favorite thing about Mommy: When you read Mia and the Too Big Tutu in a funny way & when you take us to the pool.

Favorite thing about Daddy: When he takes us to Costco and we get samples & when he plays with us. 
Favorite thing about Witten: When we are nice to each other and play together. 

Favorite thing about Bryson: When he's smiling really big. 

What's one word that describes you the best: Pretty

This girl made me a mama and I love nothing more than being her mommy. 


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