Friday, August 5, 2016

All About Witten

Today's post is all about Witten.


So, I did a post all about Kinsley and today's post is dedicated to Witten. 

My baby boy--I sure do miss the baby years. 

I would describe Witten as: thoughtful, caring, loving, smart, sensitive, silly. Witten is one month away from turning 4. 

He enjoys playing outside, collecting things (especially mini items) and bugs. He loves to swim, ride his wiggle car, find bugs, get dirty, he's loud by nature (he does not know how to whisper), rough and crazy. He loves to make people laugh will do just about anything to make that happen. 

Witten can play by himself really well, but also enjoys playing with others. He is very particular in the things he does... he likes to carry things in his hands, collect any and everything... He tends to be afraid of certain things and will usually end up scaring himself. He likes to talk and talk and talk... he will ask me a million questions about certain topics. 

He loves to snuggle and always want to hug and kiss me--most definitely a mama's boy. He loves Kinsley and Bryson big... he is always hugging Kinsley, tells her she's pretty, but also likes to aggravate her. He's very sweet to Bryson... he loves to hug, kiss and hold him. He calls him little bitty or Bryson bear, it's so sweet. He always tells me that Beau is his best friend, it's really sweet. 

Witten is surrounded by girls and will play any and all girl things with them most of the time. He will dress up, play shopkins, but there are times he will come hang out with Beau and I when he isn't into the girl stuff. Witten can be either very easy or difficult.... there is usually no in between. 


Right now, his favorites are........


Playing games

Riding his wiggle car

Eating meals at Panda Express (orange chicken)

Trips to Cabela's 

Collecting Things From Bugs, Coins, Dollars, miniature action figures.. to moist towelettes at CFA (hilarious). He will ask us to get him 5 every time we go. haha 
Pictured above he gathered all of his dollars and fell asleep watching tv with them. :)

I asked Witten some of this favorite things right now:

Favorite Color: Blue and green

Favorite TV show: Chuggington and Thomas

Favorite Food: Spaghetti

Favorite Movie: Finding Nemo/Finding Dory

Favorite Book:

Favorite Place To Visit:

Favorite Thing About Mommy: 

Favorite Thing About Daddy:

Favorite Thing About Kinsley: She dances pretty.

Favorite Thing About Bryson: When he talks

One word to describe you:

That's a little bit about Witten. I love being his mommy!!!

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