Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween 2016

Yesterday was Halloween and we had so much fun, as always! We had my family over for dinner, prepared by my brother in law, Anthony--it was delicious. On the menu was Chili with the fixings--bread, cheese, fritos, crackers and we had hot dogs for the kids. I also bought cookies and cupcakes, I didn't bake this year because well.. with three kids being 5 and under I didn't get a chance.
We enjoyed dinner, then got our kiddos dressed in costume to go trick or treating. This year Kinsley was Batgirl, Witten was Batman and Bryson was The Hungry Caterpillar. Right about time to start trick or treating, Bryson got super fussy and nothing was calming him down, so we didn't get a picture of him in his costume. We put him on the stroller and he was out.... (I am going to apologize in advance for poor pictures aka iPhone pics).

He slept most of the time, but woke up very happy toward the end of our night. 

Here we are getting ready to trick or treat. Our neighborhood is so much fun and there are tons of trick or treaters. It makes for a fun night. 

Blake was there to trick or treat this year too. 

Again, Bryson was sleeping happily in his stroller, so we let him sleep instead of being in the family shot. 

I love these people so much!

Batgirl and Batman

The kids always have the best time trick or treating with their cousins. I love this group of kiddos so much. 

They had so much fun and did lot of walking. It was so funny, every house with a light on Witten would say, "They're selling candy!!!". So cute!

My girl and me. Love her!

Witten: "Not another picture".. haha

Then, Bryson woke up and was very happy!

But then... we put this on him and he was NOT happy! Any time we put his head on... this is what he did. I guess he did not approve of his costume. haha. 

We ran into some of Witten's friends from t-ball--the boys were so excited to see each other. 

We had a good time and it's another successful Halloween in the books! The kids always have so much fun trick or treating with their cousins. I love this group of kids so much!

Now I would love to start getting ready for Christmas, but the weather is just so warm right now. 
We need cooler temps, it's November!


I just bought this movie, it is always one of our favorite Christmas movies!

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