Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Thanksgiving Break

This year Kinsley started Kindergarten and well, it's lonely not having her home during the day. On Friday, was her last day until after Thanksgiving. Woohoo! Before she got out, we went to her school on Wednesday to have Thanksgiving lunch with her and on Friday it was Thanksgiving feast in her classroom. I went up and helped out and had fun just being in her classroom. Her teacher is so great, we could not have asked for a better teacher. Anyway, we feasted and started off Thanksgiving break! Witten also had a Thanksgiving feast at school, but it was small and parents weren't invited. Boo! He was also given a sack and told to make an Indian vest to wear to the feast. So, Beau and Witten made his vest. He was proud of it!

Saturday night we went to dinner at the Mexican Inn and met up with my sisters and their families for the Southlake for their annual tree lighting! It is always so much fun. I grew up doing everything with my cousins and I love that my kids get to grow up doing the same. We have great memories from our childhood and I know they will too. The kids decorate cookies, slide down the snow hill (well, mine don't... but a couple of the others do), elves making balloon hats, play in the snow, see Santa, ride in carriage rides, and so much more. It is a total blast! This year we had so much fun playing and such that we waited too long to get to the carriage ride and Santa... they had closed off the line. Bummer. We still had fun though.

My mom usually tries to go to a lot of the Christmas events.

Let's get ready for some fun!

They had a snow machine--the kids loved it! They built a snowman, had snowball fight and had a great time. Poor Kinsley was cold and wet when we left... 

Southlake Christmas Tree


Beau got in on the fun!

Bryson's 1st Christmas

My sister and I trade babysitting duties so that we can each get a date night and the kids love playing together. Sometimes its chaotic and crazy, but the kids love it and we get a date night! Anyway, Sunday night was the Parade of Lights in downtown Fort Worth, we usually try to go every year. It used to be the day after Thanksgiving and it was a great kickoff to the season, but they moved it to before.... Anyway, Beau and I loaded up all six kids and made our way to the parade. We each had a double stroller and the two older girls held hands and made the walk. It was crazy, fighting crowds, trying to find a good spot, but we finally found one and the kids had so much fun! #traditions

Our crew

Bryson was happy and a good sport!

Parade time!

The Fort Worth Parade had a few floats this year. Witten loved the Angry Bird floats

Carly & Kinsley

Monday was spent just hanging out at home, the kids played outside and I got some things done around the house. It was a very low key day at home.

The kiddos playing while I am making dinner. LOVE looking up and seeing this view. 

Tuesday we packed up the kids and went to Chuck E Cheese. We met both of my sisters there and the kids had pizza, dessert pizza, played tons of games and bought lots of "junk" with their tickets. It was a fun day and the best part, it's half price day on Tuesdays at our Chuck E Cheese.

Bryson sat in a high chair for the first time (in public).. he enjoyed himself. 

A month or so ago, we got tickets to see Rudolph at the Bass Hall (once again it was BEFORE Thansksgiving... I can't figure out why, but we went with it). We all got dressed up, went to dinner at Olive Garden and went to see the play. Emily kept Bryson because he is ready for bed by 7 (if not earlier) and the show didn't start until 7:30. We knew it would be much more enjoyable and he would be happier staying at home. We always enjoy when Emily can watch the kids. We had a really good time. We took the kids to the candy store to get candy before the show. After the show, we were going to do the carriage ride through downtown, but they didn't run on Tuesday nights.... bummer. We still had the best time and had a night to remember.

We're off to dinner & the Bass Hall! 

Inside the Bass Hall 

Waiting for Rudolph

She had to bring Katie :) We surprised her with a matching outfit for her. 

Handsome dude!

Snapchat fun during intermission.. LOTS of laughs! 

We spotted Santa in the audience! Beau and Witten went to see him, Kinsley wanted to stay with me and continue doing snapchat. haha

We had a fun night! It was a fun show. 

On Wednesday, we played around the house for a big part of our day. I decided to take the kids to Altitude, it's a trampoline park and really fun. Kinsley loves going, but is in school during the day now and weekends are just too crazy. So, I really wanted to take her while she was out of school. We went and spent a couple of hours there and they had fun.

Kinsley was determined to get to the top and she did! 

Bryson loved seeing all the action!

I could not get Witten to stay still for a picture! He was having a blast and all over the place! haha. 

Thanksgiving Day we always eat breakfast and watch the Thanksgiving Day parade in our pjs. This year we are going to my aunt and uncle's house in Coppell (and have for many years). It is always so much fun, with great company and a delicious lunch/dinner. We usually have about 40-50 people show up, all family. It is great and we always have the best time! Growing up, we always went to the movies that night with our cousins. We had the best time and love our memories... My sisters and I decided to carry on the tradition with our kids. So, we will be going to the movie with our families. SO much fun!

Beau and I made sausage balls and monkey bread! Yum. 

Watching Charlie Brown Thanksgiving before the parade. 

Bryson's 1st Thanksgiving!

Cousins-- 3 months apart. Bryson and Matthew

Bryson adores my mom!

We had a fun day! It was a fun-filled day with Kinsley ending up in the pool at the end of the day. :) She was pushed in... eek! 

We have had our tree out and we've been fluffing it a little bit each day. Friday we decorate it and the kids (and myself can't wait).

That's just a little sneak peak into our week...

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