Tuesday, December 27, 2016

2016 in Review

Each year I am going to start doing a year end review because well, I want to remember the highlights of each year. I love staying home with my babies and having that opportunity.... however, this year one of my main goals is to soak in more time with them. I am here with them yes, we do a lot of things together, we have fun, but I also feel like some days my to do list is so long that I let the day just run by without much quality time. I know my days a numbered on the days they will be home with me all day... so I want to enjoy them and make the most of them. Okay, so on to our 2016!


We rang in the New Year with family! We ate dinner, played games & just had lots of fun being together. 

Beau and I traveled to NYC & DC. Apparently, we didn't take any pictures in NYC... I can only assume it's because we had been there so many times... not really sure. 


Our sweet girl turned 5, we celebrated with a party at ASI Gymnastics. 

We had a blast in Disney! We went all out on this trip and it was so much fun. 

Unfortunately, the day we left Disney Kinsley was very sick. We got to the airport and she started throwing up... very sad way to end such a wonderful trip.


Kinsley & Beau had a special night together at Chick Fil A princess/daddy night. 

We celebrated Easter with family and friends!

Witten had his tonsils and adenoids removed--he did fantastic! I was so happy that it was so easy for him. 

We went to numerous dr apps to check on our baby. 


We took our last trip as a family of four to San Antonio. We did the riverwalk, JW Marriott and just had a blast together. 


We did a fun day the day before we had Bryson--last picture as a family of 4!

It's a BOY! We welcomed Bryson Oliver Dyer to our family on May 5th. We didn't know until he was born if our baby was gonna be a boy or a girl. 

They were so very excited to meet their new brother!

Bryson was the perfect piece to complete our family!

We spent the rest of May with lots of snuggles and learning how to be a family of 5. 


Kinsley & Carly had their dance recital

Our family after the recital. Then, we were off to Amanda & Larry's wedding. Kinsley was also a flower girl. 

Congratulations! Kinsley loved being a flower girl. 

We soaked in summer by doing lots of pool MORNINGS because it was too darn hot for Bryson to be out. 


We celebrated the 4th with family--a cookout/pool party and fireworks and fun that night. 

We love being a family of 5!!!


We had to send Kinsley off to Kindergarten, but she loved it! I am so glad that she enjoys it and has such a wonderful teacher!

We celebrated by a dinner at Uncle Julios, complete with a chocolate piƱata--filled with fruit, churros. 

Kinsley started cheer--she likes it some days and others she doesn't. 

They love each other and I love that. 

We enjoyed our summer so much--we did lots of swimming, trips to six flags and lots of family fun!


We traveled to Destin and had so much fun! Bryson's first trip to the beach. 

The kids loved crab hunting at night. 

This boy turned 4 while we were there! So, we arranged a special touch--the hotel sent up a cake, milk & cookies and a card--all complimentary! He loved it!

We celebrated Witten turning 4 a couple of weeks later at Chuck E Cheese--super hero theme. 

Witten started t-ball and loves it!

Lots of family movie nights in our room!


Our annual trip to the pumpkin patch. 

Our family before trick or treating!

We trick or treated with the family. The kids dressed as super heroes. 

Bryson did not like being a hungry caterpillar!



Bryson's 1st Thanksgiving!

We traveled to Vegas for a couple of days away--we had fun!


We enjoyed some time outdoors because it was so warm for a few days, but then was in the 30s. 

We soaked in so much Christmas cheer and spent Christmas Day with family!

The kids love their Christmas gift so much! 

That is our highlights of the year. We had a pretty awesome 2016, it's gonna be hard to beat! I am so lucky to be able to spend my days with these four people. I love our family so much and will never forget these days of raising my little ones. I pray that God blesses 2017 and that we have a wonderful year. 

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  1. A new baby, kindergarten....lots of fun trips!! You guys had a great year.


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