Friday, December 23, 2016

Friday Favorites

I am linking up with Erika, Narci and Andrea to share my Friday favorites! I can't believe Christmas is only a couple of days away!! I am sad to see the season go, but we created SO many memories. 


We have a lot of items at Trader Joe's that are our favorite (I might need to do another post on that). We found these the last trip we made and we all love them! So good especially with milk in a Santa mug. :) 


Once a week we go for donuts because the kids LOVE them. We like to go to Shipley, they're very good and have a drive-thru. When we went this week, our donuts came in a Christmas box and the donuts had Christmas sprinkles. The kids were so excited.. (it's the little things), so that was a favorite of theirs for sure!


Kinsley & Witten's masterpiece
On Saturday night, we took our kids to a kid's night out at a little painting shop by our house. On the schedule was painting a Santa canvas, eating pizza, making a reindeer trivet and playing games. My kids were so pumped about this. They really loved that their cousins were going too. When we picked them up, they had a great time! Here is a picture of the kiddos before class started and a picture of their canvas (we haven't picked up their trivets yet). I love this little shop, it's so fun. 

Almost every year since 2001 my friends from middle school, YES MIDDLE SCHOOL have done a Christmas party. It usually includes food, an exchange of some sort (ornament, gift, etc....) and lots of fun catching up. Over the years it has always been the original four of us, but some years we have more girls and some years we opt to just be us. Now that we all have kids, we include the kids and do a kid's gift exchange---they LOVE it! Last night we did our party and had lots of fun. I love these girls and their kiddos. 


I am sure you have seen the ornaments at Pier One.... they have so many cute ones. Every year I pick out a couple of these. This year I got a snowman one and a nativity one. The nativity is my very favorite! It comes in a nice box and is a beautiful ornament!


On Monday, Bryson was diagnosed with RSV and double infection... :( I hate that he's feeling so bad... but I sure have loved his snuggles! He also still manages to give a smile, even not feeling well. He is doing better now and hopefully he will be back to himself quickly. 


A few weeks ago, Beau packed up all three kids and took them to that little shop I mentioned in an earlier post (Cloth And Glaze). He told them he wanted the kids foot prints on a plate using Santa, a reindeer and an elf. This is what they created and I LOVE it! I also love how Kinsley & Witten wrote their own names. I will cherish this forever. 


Kinsley's creation

Witten's creation

Another tradition we do each Christmas is go to Grapevine to do the blown glass ornaments. It started out just being Beau & I (the kids were too little). Last year and this year we took the kids with us and let them pick out the colors. We picked them up today and they turned out really good. 

Just for fun... years past!

Kinsley's 2015

Witten's 2015


The puppet show and gingerbread houses at Northpark Mall were a favorite. Witten was less than thrilled about the puppet show, but was so enthralled by it once it started. He asked if we could stay the whole day and watch it every hour. haha. 


So I have seen SO many different things people do for the postal workers, UPS, FEDEX, etc... I have liked all of them, but I chose to do this one. It is easy, simple and just a small token of our appreciation. We get SO many packages during Christmas and show this is something I decided to do... it includes: cold water bottles, chips, treats, apples, oranges, granola bars... 

And last but not least... I LOVE sending & receiving Christmas cards! My kids have loved opening all the ones we have received. Here is ours this year... We included just Bryson by himself on this one because it is his very FIRST Christmas!

It was long today, but those are some of my Friday favorites! Today is one of my very favorite days.... From our home to yours, we're wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

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  1. I love the li bien ornaments from Pier 1!! I always make sure to buy one each year. Now you have me wondering if our shipleys did the Christmas sprinkles!! Hmm....may have to go check that out this morning when the kids get up. We put out snacks for the delivery drivers and postal workers this week too and yesterday the UPS guy actually knocked on the door and waited for us to answer so he could personally say thank you. Merry Christmas!


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