Thursday, December 22, 2016

Friends Annual Christmas Party (Favorite Things) 2016

This past Wednesday night I hosted our annual Christmas party! Each year we decide on a date, what we will exchange, everyone brings a dish and we have loads of fun. Some years it is just the four of us with our kids and some years there are more of us. Most of the time we choose just to do the four of us. We have all been friends since middle school and it's fun and easier to chat and catch up.

Over the years, we have done ornament exchanges, two gifts to exchange, etc. This year we decided that everyone would bring a favorite item for everyone. Each girl brought the same item to give to everyone. It was so much fun! Each child also brought a gift to exchange. We drew numbers and they chose the gift in order and had the option of trading if they wanted to.

Kinsley chose this art set as her gift and was hoping so bad that she got her gift and got to keep it. haha... Lucky her, she chose number 1, so she picked her gift and kept it. She was THRILLED and played with it most of the night. haha.

Witten's favorite part of the night was getting a Batman shaving set. :) He kept asking if he could go take a bath during the party. He just couldn't wait to shave. haha. So the minute everyone left, he was undressed and in the bath. For the gift exchange, Witten got a Spider Man Beanie and a candy cane full of Rolos.

The elves must have loved the kid's gifts too. haha..... We woke up this morning to this!

On Monday, Bryson was diagnosed with RSV and double ear infection... :( So he didn't join in the fun, he was fast asleep upstairs. Poor little guy, didn't feel good... Everyone was wanting to see him, but he just couldn't hang. The kids were all so loud, having fun and playing, but Bryson slept right through it.

I provided drinks (Ho, Ho punch, Wine, Peach tea, water, diet coke and juice for the kids), some appetizers and a few desserts. The others brought different appetizers to add to what I already had. (I did not get a picture of my drinks station). (The Ho Ho Punch is 1 bottle of champagne, 1 bottle of ginger ale and 2 pkgs frozen strawberries.) We also had macaroni casserole, fruit and veggie tray & meat & cheese tray.

Cream cheese, caramel dip, Ritzies, Christmas popcorn

I had my drinks setup in the butler's pantry, the appetizers spread out on the big counter in my kitchen and the desserts were on the island.

Here are the items I received during the favorite things: Wine, Starbucks, Body Splash, and Dry Shampoo! How fun. I gave out these Sephora face masks as my favorite thing.

We get so busy throughout the year and this is such a fun way to spend time together, catching up and enjoying each other's company. The kids always have the best time too. Another successful Christmas party in the books. The fail of the night was not getting a picture of all of us together! **Thanks to Beau for helping me get everything ready!

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