Friday, December 16, 2016

Rudolph Cake Pops

We only have NINE days until Christmas! Can you believe it? I am gonna be busy crossing off my list, baking, doing final Christmas activities with my family.... Today is Kinsley's Christmas party and last day before Christmas break, so I made these for her to give to her classmates. She loves chocolate cake, cake pops and Rudolph--PERFECT treat for her friends at school. 

1 box devils food cake mix plus the ingredients to make a cake per box directions
1 tub of store bought frosting (chocolate)
Red sprinkles for the nose (can be found on baking aisle)
Eye candies (found on the baking aisle also)
24 oz of candy coating (chocolate)
Cake pop sticks
Brown fuzzy sticks (found on the craft aisle at Walmart)
Little plastic bags (found with the baking supplies (Wilton type stuff)


Bake your cake per box directions in a 9x13 inch pan. Let cool completely.   

Once the cake has been baked and cooled, crumble your baked cake in a large mixing bowl. You should not see any large chunks of cake.

Add 3/4 of the container of store bought frosting to crumbled cake.  Combine cake crumbles and frosting together. This process is easiest for me to use my hands to mix it together or the back of a large metal spoon. Note: If you use the whole tub, they will be too moist. 

Form cake mix into 1 1/2-inch round balls (ping pong sized).  Place each ball on a baking sheet lined with wax paper.  Once all of your balls are formed, place baking sheet in the freezer to firm (I normally freeze them for two hours). I do cover with plastic wrap while freezing. 

Place the candy coating in a deep, microwave safe bowl (I usually do 8 oz at a time). Melt according to the directions on the package. DO NOT OVERHEAT.

Dip the bottom into chocolate candy coating and let dry. Insert sticks and dip again. 

Once they are set and dry, hold the bottom of the ball to dip into the candy coating (color of your choice) until it touched the edges of chocolate. 

While they are STILL WET, apply eyes and nose, (if you aren't quick, the chocolate will set and the eyes and nose will not stick). Allow to dry, I used a drying stand. 

Make each fuzzy stick into antlers: bend the fuzzy stick in half, open, bend each end into the middle of the stick and crease. Then, each side twist in the middle and open up. There you have it, antlers!

Place each cake pop in a bag, wrap fuzzy sticks (antlers) around to seal the bag. 

There you go, a super cute Christmas treat! Enjoy. 

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