Friday, December 16, 2016

Friday Favorites

It's Friday and also the last day of school for my girl for TWO WEEKS! So excited!!! I am linking up with Erika, Narci and Andrea to share some of my Friday favs! 


I am loving these little masks at the moment! They have a large variety of these little things. I also like the face mask, eye masks too. I have asked Santa to put some of these little things in my stocking! ;) 


We just recently went to Vegas and I realized I forgot my eye brown gel that I normally use. So, we walked over to Sephora and I looked around, tried a few... decide on this one.  I bought this pencil and I LOVE this it! 


I LOVE LOVE LOVE cake plates, cake stands, cake domes. I recently came across this one at Macy's and fell in love! It's super cute and I like that the dome in taller than most. It is also at it's lowest price I have seen it. 


Maybe I am late to the game, but I bought one of these beauty blenders and LOVE it so much. I also tried the cheaper version of one at Ulta and it peels after a little bit. But this is a game changer in the makeup area for me. I really like this. 


The day after Thanksgiving Anthropologie was having a sale on these candles. I bought one and really like it. I am normally a  Bath & Body Work candle girl, but I had heard a lot about this one. Tried it, loved it! 

That's just a few of my Friday Favorites! Enjoy! Have a great week. 

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