Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas Recap

We had big plans the week before Christmas to do all things Christmasy...we got to do a few of the agenda items, but some got cut this year because Bryson got sick with RSV and double ear infection. :( Poor baby.. you would have never known he was sick because he was still his happy self (for the most part). I just knew because he was having difficulty breathing, runny nose, not eating much... SO, I took him to the urgent care center and sure enough.. he tested positive for RSV and she said, he had two really nasty ear infections. BOO!!! He got antibiotics for the ear infections, but the rest had to play out. He wanted all the snuggles and wouldn't let me put him down (which I was okay with). I LOVE snuggles. I just wanted him to feel better.

We had the best Christmas this year! Both the older kids were so very excited and it was Bryson's first Christmas. On Christmas Eve, we did a few last minute stops early in the morning. Kinsley, Witten and I made frosted sugar cookies and decorated them. We had such a good time. Beau was wrapping presents while we were doing cookies. Bryson switched from playing and watching Beau to sitting in the kitchen with us.

Later that night, we went to dinner and to look at Christmas lights. It was a fun night. Once we got home, the kids sprinkled their reindeer food in the lawn, put cookie and milk out for Santa, carrots out for the reindeer, got into their Christmas pjs and we read Twas The Night Before Christmas. It was so fun being with family and Bryson hearing the story for the first time.

The kids went to bed and Beau and I got to work being elves. It took a lot longer to get everything finished than we anticipated. We FINALLY got to bed at 4 am!!!! Yikes! The kids got up at 7 for the day. We opened gifts, had donuts and they played outside on their new play set. It was a BIG hit! I think they spent the entire day on that thing.

We got the house picked up a bit and all of my family came over for lunch. Anthony prepared beef fajitas and all the fixings. I had some desserts laying out...

The kids had so much fun being outside on the play set, eating at the picnic table and enjoying the mild to warm temps! So glad the weather was nice for them to play, but it doesn't feel quite like Christmas when it's in the 70s.

We opened gifts and played with some toys and just had some fun relaxing. Everyone left and Beau and I got everything ready to go to his brother's house--Casey and Tanya. We ate more food (haha), opened gifts and played with some more toys. The kids had SOOO much fun together.

We got home late, took baths and went to bed. It was a fun Christmas and we are so sad to see it go, however; we did make the very most out of the season!

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