Friday, September 4, 2015

Witten is 3!

How is it possible that Witten is 3 today? He's such a blessing to us and we love him beyond measure. He is loving, funny, smart, handsome, caring, rough, and sweet. He is the boy who stole my heart! 

He weighs 30 lbs and is 37 inches tall. He's always been in the 98th percentile for the size of his head. haha... He's got a big brain! ;) 
He loves healthy food and snacks. His favorite meal is spaghetti, salad, cucumbers and bell peppers with ranch. He isn't much of a breakfast person. He LOVES going to get frozen yogurt with toppings. His favorite color is green.  He loves Thomas the Train, farm animals, the zoo, playing outside. He loves popcorn. 

He knows all capital and lowercase letters and sounds, even 2 blends (sh, ch). He can spell his name, mommy, daddy, Kinsley, zoo, no, go, the. He can count to 25. He recognizes numbers 1-10. He knows all of his colors, shapes (even pentagon, diamond, hexagon, etc). He can write his name about 80% of the time. haha. He LOVES to learn. He is always asking, "How do I spell this or that?" "What letter does.... start with?"

He loves his sister, she is his very best friend. He likes to swim, wrestle with Kinsley, and just be with her everyday. 

He loves being silly with Daddy and mowing with him. 

He also loves pizza.

He is definitely a mama's boy. He loves to snuggle, hug and kiss me. He always tell me he loves me this much (as he holds his arms out as wide as he can). Today he told me, "I love you to the sun and back". hehe.... I love this boy beyond any measure. 

He absolutely LOVES Blake. 

He and Katelyn will start school (MDO) together this year. :)

He and Brooke fight, but also love a lot. 

He loves his cousins and mentions all 7 of them EVERY single night in his bedtime prayer. <3

He loves the zoo. His favorite animals are the gorillas and elephants. 

He loves being outside, swimming and just being a boy. 

He loves the beach. He does not like cold weather. 

He loves riding around the house on his fire truck and has ever since he was about a year old. 

This is a typical snack/breakfast choice. 

I can NOT get him to smile for the camera (I can barely get him to stop and look). :)

He likes helping me in the kitchen, but he especially loves being the taste tester. 

He went to his first movie in the summer. He did pretty good. 

He likes to make people laugh and thinks this is just hilarious!

He loves walking around in his underwear! This would be his preferred outfit everyday, all day. :) Two things he loves: trains and being in his underwear. 

He loves his family. We are so lucky he is ours. 

Today we decided to let Witten pick everything we did. He woke up and got the bike he has been wanting for a while. He immediately wanted to go out and ride it, so we did. He still needs some practice and Kinsley was his BIGGEST cheerleader. 

After riding his bike, he came in and found the card and gift Kinsley wanted to get him. It was so sweet, Kinsley and I went to do some things last night for his day today. She wanted to get him her own card and gift, so I let her. She picked out a card and 2 construction cars. He was very excited and happy about them. :)

My parents and a few other people called to wish him a Happy Birthday, he loved telling everyone that he was 3 (while holding up 3 fingers). 

He asked for donuts for breakfast. 

We let him choose what he wanted to do today. He chose going to Altitude (a trampoline park) and eating lunch at Pie 5. The boy loves pizza. 

We ended the day with dinner and cupcakes and playing outside. We had a great day. 

His birthday party is tomorrow. He wanted to go to the farm. He can't wait! But for to end out today, Happy Birthday to our sweet boy. We love you so much! 

I apologize for the long post, but it was a great day! 

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