Saturday, September 5, 2015

Witten's 3rd "Farm" Birthday Party

On Saturday September 5th, we celebrated Witten's 3rd birthday at the farm. 

Witten is such a laid back, sweet, loving boy! He absolutely loves farm animals, so this was perfect for him. We didn't get to do a whole lot of cutesy stuff because let's face it, it was in the 90s and windy. Cupcakes had to be brought out last minute and any other items would blow away. It's okay, he had a blast and that is all that matters! I had several kiddos tell me how much fun they had also. 

When you entered the farm, guests were greeted with this sign. 

We took a couple pictures by the tractor before everyone arrived. 

We started out the party just playing, looking at the animals and chatting. The farmer was giving everyone time to arrive before we went on the hay ride. 

Kinsley, Anderson, and Witten (Cousins)

Witten really enjoyed telling everyone that he was 3. He told Grandmama first thing. :)

Once most of our guests arrived, we went on the hay ride. Witten was little nervous at first, but liked it (once I got him on with me). 

The ride took us out into the pastures. We saw goats, pigs, a horse, bunnies and chickens. Witten really enjoyed this, but it was HOT. The only animals missing were ducks, cows and sheep. It was still fun though. The kids enjoyed feeding carrots to the goats and horse and bread to the pigs. 

After the hay ride, feeding and petting the animals we had cupcakes.  I think the cupcakes turned out super cute and no one could believe where I got them. TARGET (Did I ever mention that's my favorite store?). 

After singing Happy Birthday to Witten and eating cupcakes, the kids were anxious to bust open the pinata. 

Gift time

I had some farm cookies done by amc cookies and sweets. They looked awesome and were so good. 

We had the best time! It was a great day. 

Once we got home, we ate lunch, took naps and spent 3 1/2 hours playing with toys! It was a fun day. 

Party success! 

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