Saturday, February 28, 2015

Snow Day 2015 with Snow Cream Recipe

Yesterday, we had falling snow all day long, I think we ended up getting 3-4 inches of real snow. While I am so ready for Spring's arrival, I loved seeing the snow falling out the window and having a fire going inside. We played outside off and on all day, lit a fire, cooked a warm, cozy meal and ended our day watching Up and eating popcorn and SNOW CREAM. This was a big hit with our family. I will include our method on how we made it below. Perfect day with my little family!!

We went to pickup our kiddos from my parent's house and this is what our street looked like when we got home! Love the white. 

This is our home covered in a blanket of white. 

We got out and had lots of fun and snowball fights. We built a snow girl and a snow boy. We went for a walk and had a perfect time outside. Yesterday, the snow was dry and powdery, not the perfect consistency to build a snowman, but today it was wet and perfect!

Witten does not like cold weather, I mean he cries the whole time and wants to go in. This boy wants NOTHING to do with snow.... But here he seemed to have fun helping Daddy. Sidenote: Yes, he has his sister's boots on. hehe... He's gonna hate me for this one day. But hey, they were warm and fuzzy. :)

My boy and his daddy.

Snowball Fight.

My nephew was here also. :)

My sweet boy. 

We decided to go for a cold, icy walk with the kids and dogs. Our neighbor was out all day yesterday and half the day today making this for his grandson to see. :) My kids have been SOOOO excited to see the finished product. They have spent lots of time watching from the window. So, today on our walk the man let the kiddos sit on him. Again, Witten wasn't impressed, but Kinsley LOVED it! :)

Buddy & Maggie had to get in on the fun. 

These kids are my world. 

He decided he wanted to watch from the chair and wrapped in a blanket. :)

Now he's inside, in his chair, snack in hand, watching us out the window. That boy!!! He's happy now. 

 Do you wanna build a snowman? The kids did, so we decided to make two small ones--a girl and a boy. They loved it. Witten watched from inside, but came out at the end to add the carrot and take a picture. hahaha

Sweet friends. Kinsley was invited to go play at their house. So, she went over for a few hours. They are also in our neighborhood, so that was convenient in the snow.

We finished out the night by the fire, watching Up. It was a fun day. This girl was out before the end of the movie. She had a fun-filled day. <3

And now for the method we used for our snow cream. I actually googled a recipe and there were SOOOO many variations. I decided to go with one short and simple. I found 
Paula Deen's snow cream recipe, it was simple and rated 4.5 stars. So, I went for it and it was delicious. The kids wanted to add cherries and you could also add other toppings. I ate mine just the way we made it. Yum!

We gathered:
 8 cups of fresh-fallen snow
1 14 oz can of sweetened condensed milk
1 tsp vanilla

Pour the can of milk over the snow, mix together. Then, add in your vanilla and mix again. Enjoy! Simple & delicious.

The ingredients to pure deliciousness. 

Snow cream! Pure sweetness. 

The kids were so excited and we had so much fun making it. In our home, we love creating memories and having fun. If you got snow, I hope you got out or snuggled in and enjoyed time with the ones you love the most! 


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