Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Happy 4th Birthday Kinsley! Her wish came true... A Pony Party!

Sunday, our sweet girl turned FOUR! I can hardly believe it! She woke up, ran down stairs and said, "I'm 4 today, Do I look taller"? hahahahaha

I prayed and prayed to be a mom....and God blessed me with this sweet girl. One of the very best days of my life was February 15, 2011 because I became a mama... a dream come true!!! (September 4, 2012 was sprinkles on the cake because I became a mama for the 2nd time.)

This sweet girl fills our home with so much love.  She is constantly looking out for all of us and kind of mothers us all :).  She is always singing, always dancing, wanting to paint. She is an early bird and loves getting dressed, shoes and all first thing every morning..... she is always busy.  Her sweet little heart is so full of love.

We love you to the moon and back Kinsley!  Thank you Lord for bringing this precious girl into our lives.

We had her party at the amenity center/park in our neighborhood. We decorated the party room, had a pony come for rides, a petting zoo. She was in heaven!

We didn't get any pictures of blowing out the candles. It is all on video. :( 

This is a chalkboard we had on her cake table,  with her favorite things on it! 

We searched and searched for a cute horse/pony cake. Out of about 20 cakes, she liked this one the best. We had a lady Monica Poucket make it for us. She has made most of the cakes for birthdays. They are amazing and she does such a wonderful job! 

Pony Cookies from J'Rae's Bakery were the party favors. We did some traditional brown and some other ponies were bright, fun colors! The kids loved them. 


This is the cake table!

The pony--Maybelle and animals (3 baby piglets, goats, ducks, goose, rabbits) the look on her face was priceless. She could not wait to get on that pony and cuddle those animals!!!

This girl has such a love for animals, but she adores horses and ponies! 

She wants to take lessons! 

She looks like a natural! 

Witten didn't like the pony ride, but LOVED all the animals in the petting zoo. 

Blake was holding a piglet, handed it to me and it jumped out of my arms. It ran into the pool area, through the field... Blake was a natural at wrangling the little thing. It took a village and the help of a net, but we got it. THANK GOD! 

Granddad, Grandma, Kinsley & Witten 

Kinsley LOVES her cousin, Blake!

She was soooo excited about her new, fancy, princess gown!

She loved playing pin the tail on the donkey.

She loved hitting the piƱata. 

A group shot when the pony was leaving! 

This girl did not want the pony to go. I would say her birthday party was everything she had hoped for and more. She had the best time!

A picture of my sweet girl and me before everyone got there. This was a little photo area with props to take pictures (hats, a stick horse, bandanas). 

And another one of my babies! 

And after the party we went to eat dinner with Granddaddy, Grandmama, Uncle Casey, Aunt Tanya, Anderson and Blake. The servers came out to sing Happy Birthday and she was burying her head into me the whole time, but once they left she laughed! 

I would say her birthday was a huge success! She told me her favorite parts of the day were 1. riding the pony. 2. playing pin the tail on the donkey. She also informed me that I forgot to spin her around. hehe...  We are so glad she had a good day. She slept in until 9 am the next day (she has literally never slept that late in her four years of life!!!)

So blessed to be this little girl's mama!!! Love you to the moon and back Kinsley Jade!

She loves her Daddy!

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