Monday, May 4, 2015

Delicious Margaritas.

First and most importantly, the Princess has a name.... Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana! She's so precious and Kate looked fabulous! I love the royal family. Cheers to them!  haha.. Anyway, onto my recipe. :) 

Happy Cinco de Mayo! I follow quite a few blogs and yesterday I ran across a margarita recipe that we used years ago. It brought back many memories... It was one of the best homemade margaritas I have tried. So, I decided to post it because it used to be a favorite of ours. I hope you enjoy it like we did. 


1 (12 oz) container of Minute Maid frozen limeade

Tequila (Use 6oz-12oz depending on how strong you like them. We normally used about 10 oz.)

1/2 cup of Triple Sec

6 oz of Corona (half a bottle)

Fresh limes to garnish

Salt to put on the rim (if you like salt)

Empty your frozen limeade into your blender. Pour in your tequila (however much you prefer), Triple Sec and Corona. Fill the blender up with ice. Blend. Pour into a margarita glass and garnish with a lime wedge. 

Serve & enjoy! 

I am going to whip up a Mexican dish and some margaritas for dinner! Mexican food is my favorite cuisine, by far! 

Have fun celebrating! 


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