Friday, May 1, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! I can not believe it is already May 1st!! It feels like it was just the New Year and now we are almost half way through it. Time flies when you're having fun! Every Friday I link up with Andrea, Erika and Narci to share Friday Favorites. SO, here it goes..... 


This time of year before the scorching Texas heat arrives, we love grilling and eating outside. It is so much fun! We try to enjoy it all we can because once the heat arrives, it's not fun at all. 

The kids love having their own little table. They have a picnic table, but on this day preferred this one. :)

Beau grills the best steak and roasted corn!

My Young Living Oils. I was a bit skeptical at first, but decided to try them and I am SO glad I did. These oils have been great for our family. I love all the oils that come in the premium starter kit and have had to order refills for a few of them. I also have started ordering other oils that were not in the set. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! 

I also love that the kids collection is sold separately now. The bonus: they are already diluted and are awesome! LOVE these.
 Let me know if you want some information on these oils or any. I am doing an awesome promo for the month of May. Just email me at If you want to leave your email in the comments section, I can send you some information. If you've been thinking about starting oils, now is the time. You will love them!!!

Date nights with my husband are most definitely are my favorite! Sometimes we just go to dinner, other times we do something different and fun. Last night we had a date night. We were gonna go to the Ranger game, but they weren't playing... bummer! So, we went to one of my very favorite restaurants, Macaroni Grill. Then, we went downtown grabbed some cupcakes, stopped by Target, got some wine and plastic cups. We took it to the Botanic Gardens, spread out a blanket and talked, listened to music, and ate our treat. It was fun and Beau's idea. :) Afterwards, we went downtown and sat in Sundance Square and did some people watching, it was a fun night. I slept in until 9 and got some much needed rest! 

Tonight, Kinsley has a dance performance at May Fest. She is very excited and I love that she loves dance so much. The year is wrapping up and she will perform tonight and then, it's recital. Next year, she is going to be on a competition dance and she is thrilled!
This is the day she got one of her costumes. We got home and she couldn't wait to get this thing on! I think she wore it for a few hours until I made her take it off. I didn't want anything to happen to it before she actually needed to wear it. Love this girl! I can't wait to watch her perform. Last performance she got a little stage fright and didn't dance. Crossing my fingers that she will dance today! 


I made these on Tuesday and they have been a favorite snack around here. They are great for on the go or if you're just wanting a small treat. Enjoy!

Next week I am doing a giveaway! Check back to see. I haven't decided if I am going to post the giveaway here or on instagram (or both). :) I think you will enjoy it. :)

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There you have it! My Friday Favorites were a bit random this week! I hope you enjoy your weekend whatever you may be doing. 


  1. How adorable is your daughter looking in the mirror?!! So sweet! And that date night sounds amazing!

    1. Thank you! She did good last night and had a good time! My husband usually does good planning date nights. :) He planned all the things he knew I would enjoy. I will do the same for him, next time. Maybe Fuddrucker's and a Rangers game! :) Have a great weekend!

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