Wednesday, May 27, 2015

What's Up Wednesday? May Edition

Happy Wednesday! Today I am starting a new link up on my blog with Mix & Match FamilyThe Larson Lingo, and Pinterest Told Me To. The last Wednesday of every month, I will do What's Up Wednesday and answer the questions below. Link up, it's fun to see what everyone is up to..... 

What We Are Eating This Week:
Meal planning is one of my favorite things to do. I sit down and make a "menu" for the week and go to the grocery store. If I do this, it holds me accountable and I have all the ingredients for the meals at home (EVEN BETTER). Sometimes I do have to make a small trip to the store for fresh foods (veggies, fruits, etc). 
This week though, whew this week.... I have nothing. It's a fly by the seat of your pants type week because we just can't get back on schedule after our trip. My kids have been sleeping until 9:30 or 10 and so have I. I am going to work on getting back on some sort of schedule next week. Wish me luck!

What I'm Reading:
I am really not reading much these days. 

This is the next book I plan on starting soon:

If you are looking for books to read, check here. This is a very small list, I plan on doing another post soon on fiction and other fun books. I am also doing a list of good, fun children's books. I get asked at least once a week about books I read with my kiddos or if I have any new suggestions. I am a book lover, but especially kids books (perhaps it's the teacher in me?)

What I'm Reminiscing About:

I have been reminiscing about my kiddos being babies. Kinsley is already 4 and is going to pre-k.... I can not believe my baby is going to be 3 in a few months. Where has the time gone? I love the age they are now, but I really miss the baby stage too. 

What We've Been Up To:
We have been going nonstop for about 2 weeks. First, we went to Chicago for our 5 year anniversary. We had so much fun! We got back, packed and left the next day for Colorado. We were gone for 5 nights. So, needless to say, we have been staying home lately to recoup. haha.

What I'm Dreading:
Swim lessons... haha. Both kiddos are starting soon. While we wait for Kinsley, Witten does not like to sit and wait. So, the 30 minutes seems like an eternity. Not to mention, I do not think Witten is going to enjoy it!

What I'm Working On:
I have been working on getting my Young Living up and going. I am also working on my blog and getting the house organized. The big thing is my kid's closets.... I have boxes and boxes of clothes! YIKES!

What I'm Looking Forward To:
I am looking forward to our trip to the beach at the end of June. It's an annual tradition and so much fun! It's our family, both of my sisters and their families and my parents. There are 8 kids total, 5 that are 5 and under. It's so much fun! 

What I'm Wearing Today:
I am wearing lounge wear! haha... I normally wear capris, shorts, just a simple top during the summer. 

What I'm Excited About:
Again, our trip to the beach!

In June we are going to Galveston with my family. Some of my favorite memories growing up and now passing them down to our kids. It's a BLAST!

What I'm Watching:
I can not remember the last time I turned on the tv in our house. Seriously. I am not much of a tv person and my kids aren't either. 

What I'm Listening To:
The kids and I have been listening to the Disney Junior DJ Shuffle album a lot. We also like Uptown Funk lately. Miranda Lambert's "Little Red Wagon".  We have been dancing and singing in the afternoons when I like to call it, "the witching hours". 

What I'm Annoyed By:
All of this rain!!! It has seriously been raining for 8 weeks!!! It's crazy.... I am beginning to wonder if we will ever be able to head to the pool.

What I'm Hoping For:

I am hoping that the rain will stop so I can start my garden and get in the pool.

What else is new:
There's not a whole lot of new going on at the moment. 

So... What's Up With You? Comment and let me know what you're up to... :) Don't forget to follow me on instagram:


Have a great day!

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  1. You have been traveling a lot! So fun! Galveston looks so pretty!
    Thanks for linking up with us! :)


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