Monday, May 11, 2015

Weekend Wrap-up: Mother's Day Edition

Happy Monday! We had a fun weekend! 

On Saturday morning, Beau and the kids made breakfast. They made pancakes and bacon. Although Witten requested bacon and cucumbers... hmmm  for breakfast? Ok. So, that's what he ate. :) He's not a big carb person. Beau says, he couldn't be our son. haha.

Saturday it rained off and on all day and we had a birthday party at the farm. It was a little girl from Witten's class. He comes home and talks about her a lot, so I think she's one of his favorite friends. :)  Her mom told me it happening rain or shine, so we ventured out to the party. It was wet, muddy and a big mess! We still had fun and I think Witten had the most fun feeding the animals and splashing in the mud puddles. :) Kinsley was worried the whole time that she was muddy and told me she's not a "rainy girl". haha... 

Each kiddo got a bucket full of bread and carrots. They had so much fun feeding the chickens, pigs and goats. 

Feeding the chickens.

This boy loved feeding carrots to the goats. 

My little guy loved the mud!

Witten did a dive into the cupcake! hahaha.... He loves chocolate! They got the cupcakes from a little bakery called Stir Crazy. They were very good. 

The kids had so much fun feeding the animals, playing, petting their farm dogs, and doing the piñata. I think feeding the animals and the piñata was their favorite part. It was a fun party! I am thinking about having Witten's there in September when he turns 3 (insert me sobbing here). 

We celebrated my mother in law on Saturday night. We had an early dinner  at Hard 8 BBQ in Coppell. It's one of our favorite places. It was a good time!

Sunday I woke up to breakfast in bed kids crying and an 80 lb dog howling and whining in his bed. So.... at 6 am we had two kids in bed with us and a dog laying next to the bed. We had some good laughs and cuddles.. 

Daddy's girl! <3

And there were 4 in the bed....... and the little one said...... :)

Then, the kids and Beau went out to make me something and breakfast. Fast forward a couple of hours, then they brought me breakfast in bed. It was rainy all day and I decided to stay home in my pajamas all day long. It was glorious! 

Once, I was actually up for the day, I came into the kitchen to this

A few of my favorite things: A white chocolate raspberry bundt cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes, two candles that the kids made for me, a very sweet card, and a gift certificate to get a hot stone massage. They went above and beyond as always. 

Later on, we went outside and sat on the porch in our pajamas. It was nice and peaceful, listening to the rain and my kiddos playing on the porch. 

My husband and the kiddos went to the store for some things we needed. They came back with the Paddington movie. So, we took early baths and watched Paddington while Beau made one of my very favorite meals. It's most definitely comfort food, it was perfect for this rainy day. 

One of my VERY favorite meals. Made with love by my husband. He even went to the store twice because we thought we had everything and missed an item. 

I had a very nice day with the ones I love the most. They always spoil me, but today they went above and beyond. I am very blessed. 

I know that for some today is a hard day. I pray that you find comfort in the memories you have of your loved ones. To all the

Moms out there: including moms of fur babies, step moms, stand in moms & any kind of mom you are! I hope you had a Happy Mother's Day! 

 One of my very favorite times of the day... bedtime stories!

Living my life with this man and my kiddos makes me a crazy  very happy lady. hahaha... At times, but I love my little family more than words can describe. I thank this man for all he does for our family.  Thank you Lord for all of your blessings!



  1. Looks like you had a great Mother's Day!!

    1. Thanks I did. :) I hope you had a great one too! Have the best week!


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