Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Books, Books, Books!

Today is all about books! I love to read magazines and get a few subscriptions in the mail each month, but I rarely find the time to read books. I will normally read on an airplane, on a trip and sometimes during the day when I have some down time. I have decided that I want to make more time to read. I am going to start book reviews for all of you and give you my thoughts on them. I am also going to do a collection of books my kiddos love. I have an OBSESSION with children's books. I don't know if it's the teacher in me or if I am just crazy, but you can never have too many kid's books. I have shelves and shelves full of books. I get great pleasure going to Barnes & Noble looking at books. It's a crazy obsession. :)

I have found several good books from suggestions from other people. I always loved reading the fun, light hearted books before I had kids. Now that I am a mom, I find that I enjoy reading books about parenting, kids, etc.  First I am going to start with a couple of books I've recently finished. Then, I will close with some books I am about to start. 

First up, I read this book when I was on the cruise in January. Courtney DeFeo's, In This House We Will Giggle. Oh my gosh, I loved it! Staying home with two little ones, I needed it. I want to make the days at home with my kids fun and memorable moments. Before I know it, I will be losing them to the demanding hours of school (sigh). I also want to keep an orderly house and have well-behaved kids. This book is a great book for both. It has several ideas for instilling particular virtues in your children and lots of fun ideas. If you are a mom, dad, or a caregiver to small kiddos, I think this book is for you. 

I also read John Croyle's, Raising A Princess 8 Essential Virtues to Teach Your Daughter a couple weeks ago. I loved this one as well. In this book, each chapter John covers focuses on a virtue to teach your daughter. Throughout the book, he weaves his own stories from raising his daughter to help illustrate it. It is a great read if you want to inspire purpose, value, and strength in your daughter. A MUST READ!

Here are a few books I have lined up to read next... 

I have had these two for a while and have read them, but not all the way through. 

I can't wait to read the ones below, I have heard some GREAT things about them. 

So, do you have any books that are must reads? If so, please share by leaving me a comment. I have a list of books I want to read and love adding more to it. :) 

Happy Reading!

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