Monday, April 20, 2015

Let's Get Oily with Young Living Essential Oils!

When Witten was born (2 1/2 years ago) he had really bad acid reflux.. I am talking BAD. I was given Young Living oils to try, but never did because I was skeptical. I also didn't want to use oils on him. I wanted medicine that would give him instant relief. I never did try the oils for acid reflux, although I have heard great things about them. 
Fast forward several months, I was given a few different oils for the kids and myself. I decided to try Peace & Calming on Kinsley because she was waking up so many times throughout the night. It seemed to help, but I was still skeptical. I was also given Lemon, Peppermint, Lavender and Thieves oils to try along with a diffuser. My kids were sick so much and Kinsley was even in and out of the emergency room and hospital with respiratory problems. We had to take home a nebulizer with Kinsley and she needed breathing treatments on a regular basis.  I heard diffusing Thieves would help strengthen their immune systems and such. I decided to try it, and did it daily for a while. I also would rub a drop on the bottom of their feet. When the kids had allergy issues, I diffused the allergy bomb (Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint). It seemed to help, but didn't seem like a miracle or anything. However, I have noticed that neither one of my kids are sick nearly as much. Kinsley rarely has respiratory issues and when she does, I try RC. It helped beautifully. 
So, I decided to sign up and get the premium starter kit. It came with several oils, a reference guide, a diffuser and a few other items. Let me tell you, I LOVE my Young Living Oils now. They have really worked well for our family. I am still not an expert on them, but I feel pretty knowledgable about the oils. 
Not to long ago, I had an upper respiratory infection and needed some meds QUICK. I was leaving to go out of town and did not want to spend my whole flight coughing or feeling bad the whole trip. I had been up for three nights coughing, nonstop. I decided to try peppermint and RC oils on my chest and neck, I slept so much better, but it still wasn't gone. I decided to go to the dr so I would be well before my trip. I got antibiotics, steroids and a heavy cough syrup. I didn't start the medicine, but would have it just in case. I kept applying RC and Peppermint oils. After just one night and a full day of using those oils together, I was well. My cough was completely gone and I had no need for my prescription drugs. This has been something I have gotten a few times a year, every year for as long I can remember. With medicine, it has always taken weeks to feel completely well and have my cough completely gone. With the oils, it took one night and one day. This is when the oils sold me! I absolutely LOVE my Young Living Oils. 

Let me share with you a few of my very favorite oils:

R.C.-- I have great success with this oil for Kinsley and myself when we had upper respiratory infections. It took 1.5 days to clear up mine and only 1 day for Kinsley. I used this one by topically applying. 

Purification-- I love this oil when I need to purify the air. I diffuse this one. 

Joy-- There are just those days when we all need a little Joy in our lives. haha... Seriously, I put a drop of this oil on my heart and wrists, it lifts my mood and just makes me happy. I love this oil. I also love diffusing this one because it smells wonderful. 

Lemon-- I put a couple drops of this in my water. It detoxifies the body and has a refreshing taste. LOVE. I also use this one along with Lavender and Peppermint to help with allergies. 

Peppermint-- I have used this oil for headaches, tummy aches for the kiddos and to make the allergy bomb. LOVE. 

Peace & Calming-- I rub a drop on the bottom of each kiddos feet at night. It really seems to calm them and they get a better night's sleep. 

Thieves-- I diffuse this when we have a sickly house. I also rub a drop on the bottom of the kids feet when they go to school. This one helps build the immune system. 

Lavender-- I put a few drops of this one in the bath water for the kids and myself. It really seems to help with sleep and I love the scent. Some days I just diffuse this one because I love the smell. This is also one used in the allergy bomb.

What am I diffusing today? 

The allergy bomb--Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint. We are all suffering with allergies really bad right now. 

So, there you have it! I have said it before and I will say it again, I  absolutely love my YL Oils. If you want any information or want to get your premium start kit today. Please contact me at or you can find me on Facebook-- I look forward to helping you get started on your oily journey. I can say that I think you will fall in love with them just the way I did.
Enjoy your day! 


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