Sunday, April 26, 2015

Weekend Wrap up Part 1 Dallas Zoo

Friday night was date night for us, so our kiddos went to my parent's house for the night. We went to PF Chang's and to Sprinkles in Dallas. We had a fun night and it was the first night we had out in a while. During our drive to dinner and Sprinkles, it was raining cats and dogs. Once we came out of Sprinkles, there was a beautiful rainbow! 

We were both tired and decided to stop by and rent a movie. We went with Taken 3, I really liked it. We had a fun, much needed date night! 

On Saturday, we picked up the kiddos from my parent's house. We decided to take the kids to the Dallas Zoo. We stopped and had lunch on the way. We got to the zoo, but there was a huge line just to get into the parking lot. I guess everyone had the same idea. Kinsley gets SO excited to see this giraffe when we are close to the zoo. 

They loved watching the penguins. 

Witten rode on Daddy's shoulders to see the giraffes!

Waiting patiently to feed the giraffes. 


One of their favorite parts!

They loved watching the elephants eat snack.

They have a dinosaur exhibit going on right now. Witten liked from a distance until they made noises. Kinsley was whatever... 

My girl! <3


We loved the anteater. 

Witten standing on one foot, like the flamingos do. :)

Kinsley was thrilled to finally make it to the water! It's a really neat section of the zoo that is designated for kids. It has a cool stream that flows through with rocks, etc. There's a huge spider web made out of rope that the kids love to climb on. There is also a playground, a petting zoo, pony rides, and so much more. We all really enjoy the children's section.

They both really enjoy this part of the zoo. 

We got to the car and changed the kiddos out of their wet clothes and I looked back 5 minutes later.. she's out! She must have had a fun day at the zoo. 

The kids had so much fun. We didn't get to see everything because we ran out of time. We are members at this zoo and I don't think we have ever made it completely through the zoo. They also have camel rides, a monorail (which is currently closed for renovations) and so much more. I highly recommend this zoo if you are local or even if you're coming to Dallas/Fort Worth for vacation. 

We got home, took baths, ate dinner, watched Cinderella (Witten preferred to play his iPad instead of watching the movie, but it was Kinsley's turn to pick) and went to bed! 

We had so much fun on Sunday! Check back tomorrow for Weekend Wrap-up Part 2--Strawberry Pickin' Edition. 

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