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Sweet Berry Farms & The Oasis in Austin

Happy Tuesday! Our day trip to the strawberry patch was a lot longer than we anticipated, we didn't get home until 2 am. We hit traffic on the way there and storms on the way back. We did have SO.MUCH.FUN though! Grab yourself a cup of coffee, tea or whatever you like and check out pictures from our day of strawberry pickin'. :) 

Beau made breakfast on Sunday morning and we decided to go pick strawberries and have a fun, family day. We wanted to do it last time we were in the Austin area with the kids, but it was closed due to rain. We got a late start and hit some traffic on the way, so by the time we made it to the farm, we only had about two hours. 

Once we were almost to the farm the kids were laughing hysterically because Beau was singing along with Frozen Soundtrack in a funny voice. :)

Here is a pano of the whole farm. So pretty!

Sweet Berry Farms is in Marble Falls, Texas. It's about 3 hours from our home in Fort Worth, but it took us about 4 due to traffic. They have strawberries, potatoes and onions in Mar-mid May. 
May- blackberries and peaches
I love their website because it gives you updates about whether it's a good day to visit the farm, etc. It also gives you any and all information you would want to know. You should visit, it makes for a fun day! 
 We made it! The kids were so excited to get their baskets and start picking. 
 They had rows and rows of strawberries. They also had red potatoes and onions. 

You buy a basket for .50 each. They mark it and you can reuse it if you come back. We bought one for each one, so they could carry their own baskets(this is important at ages 4 & 2). They were 2.82/lb. They also sell homemade strawberry popsicles, jams, honey, etc. They have a train, sand art, animals (goats, horses and a donkey) to pet/feed. They have several picnic tables in the shade, if you want to bring a picnic. We got a late start, so we didn't bring one, but I will next time for sure. 

They could not wait to get out in the strawberries and start picking. Strawberries are one of Kinsley's very favorite fruits. Witten doesn't care much for them, I guess he just wanted to pick. :)

Their first strawberries!

 We were told to dig deep and of course, pick the reddest ones!

  My kiddos and me! Love these two kids and all the memories we make together. 

I love fun, adventures with my family!

After we picked berries, we had to get a family shot. :)

They got stickers that read: "I picked Strawberries!"

The homemade strawberry popsicles were so good. 
 They loved playing on the tractors!

We decided that for dinner we would drive to Austin to eat dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. It was about an hour away from the farm. 

 Normally there are a bunch of colored umbrellas, but they take them down once the sun sets. Today was a cloudy day with some rain. 
 The view from our table is Lake Travis, so pretty! Normally, you see the sunset, but it was cloudy. Bummer....
 At sunset they ring a bell and the kids got chosen to ring it on this day! They were excited and even more excited that they got a little stuffed puppy. :)

I mean the view is amazing. What's not to love? Good food, live music, sunset on the water. This is a must do if you are in the Austin area!

They were having so much fun at dinner. They kept laughing and laughing, but wouldn't tell us why. Apparently, they were having a good time. I always love hearing them laugh together!

This is a place we have been without the kids and it's always been one of our very favorite things to do while in Austin. The last time we had been here, we were expecting Witten! It was fun bringing the kids to one of our favorite restaurants. :)

There was a little spaceship outside the restaurant. They loved getting inside of it. 

On our way home, there were storms, hail, tornados all around us. We stopped in West until the storms passed. This was the radar while we were stopped in West. Scary stuff! 

Then, I see this on my brother in law's Facebook. :) 
We had planned to stop in West, but Beau was having me look at the radar, so we could time where we were gonna stop. I was freaking out and so I kept messaging Anthony and Holly about it. Thankful they stayed up late to help keep us out of the scary weather. We should have gotten home in about 3 hours, but due to weather it took 5!! 

We were stopped about an hour. So, we decided to snack on kolaches from Czech Stop in West. This is another must do if you're passing through the city of West. There will be several different bakeries, none compare to the Czech Stop. I have been coming here since I was first introduced to it in 96. My favorite is the cream cheese and hot chubby with cheese. YUM!

Our strawberries, washed. It was so fun and the kids talked about it all day on Monday. We all had a great time!

 If you are ever in the area of Marble Falls/Austin, you must do Sweet Berry Farms and eat at The Oasis! You will be glad you did. 

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