Monday, April 20, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up--Thomas Edition

Happy Monday. Yes, it's Monday again. Sigh. 

We had a weekend full of fun. Saturday morning, Kinsley's friend from school was having a birthday party. So, I took Kinsley to the party and Beau took Witten with him. 

While Daddy was getting ready, Witten decided to put on my heels and boots. HAHA... Definitely gonna bring these out later. :)))

We had a good time. The party was football themed, so of course Kinsley wore her pink Cowboy jersey (I didn't get a picture..bummer). We had cake and Max opened his gifts. Then, they played pin the football on the field and kicked footballs through the goal posts. Kinsley has a bit of a competitive edge and wanted to continue kicking to see if she could get the football to go through. She got it a few times, she was excited! Then, we left and came home for a short nap before we went to Thomas. 

Witten chose to eat Panda Express for lunch (he loves orange chicken). They went to lunch, to get the car washed and stopped to get fro-yo. This is Witten's favorite treat. He likes to load up with strawberry poppers, fruity pebbles, sprinkles, m&ms, and cherries. :) The boys got home and Beau put Witten down for nap. 

He loves orange chicken & rice. 

Beau said he had the best time collecting these little balls outside the carwash. 

We got the kids up and ready to go ride Thomas the Train. Witten has been so excited ever since last weekend when we saw him out and about.  We got to the train depot in Grapevine and they had all sorts of activities for the kids to do. 

My people, my loves, my everything!

First, we boarded the train and they had such a fun time. 

Daddy & Witten

Mommy & Kinsley

She had her mouth full. 

This is the best shot I could get because there were so many people and a professional. 

Then, we headed over to the sandbox and they enjoyed it so much. We spent the most time here and we have one at home. :) They were a sandy mess when they got finished. They had some big fun here. 

We went over to the petting zoo, they loved that of course. 

Witten loved two things: 1. Trying to corner the ducks, so he could touch one. He really wanted to touch the white one, not sure if he ever actually got to or not. 2. He LOVED the pigs. :) He spent almost all his time with the, piggies. 

He informed us that the chicken bites. I guess he learned the hard way. 

These pigs went to sleep on the food. I guess they were saying, "mine, all mine". haha

This girl loved all the animals. She is an animal lover and has the most special heart for animals. A lot like her mama. :)

 Then, we let them ride trikes and trains around. They ran and played in the bubbles. We met Sir Topham Hatt, but they were afraid of him. Witten informed me that he does not like him. haha... :)

They insisted that I come with them. He was a bit creepy looking. They had a big time today! :)

We had so much fun, but were so tired by the end of the day. We stopped for pizza on the way home. We ate our pizza and took baths and got ready for bed. We read books (Of course, Thomas was one Witten chose), sang songs and said our bedtime prayers. Right at bedtime, we got hit with a bad storm, so the kids got in bed with us and watched tv until the storm passed. Witten is terrified of thunder. After the storm passed, we put them in their beds and went to sleep. 

Sunday we had a nice, relaxing morning. I worked with Kinsley on reading color words and doing activities with the words. She had a fun time. She knows all of her letters and sounds. So, we have been working on a few sight words, color words, rhyming and word families. 
Witten did his usual: morning of letter games on the iPad and fruit for breakfast. This boy is only two and knows ALL of his letters (upper and lowercase) and all 26 sounds. He can even spell a few words: zoo, no, go, his name, Kinsley's name. He can say his birthday  Kinsley's birthday and his age. They are both so smart. Witten really and truly enjoys learning and wants to be challenged. Kinsley enjoys it, but isn't as into it as Witten. They both love books through and through. This truly makes me happy. 
After our relaxing morning, Kinsley blared some Taylor Swift and other various songs on her iPad and we had a dance party. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these little moments with my kiddos. 

We decided to head out back and soak up the nice day. This is the place I love to spend with my kiddos and family. It is in the backyard at home, where memories are made. It isn't the prettiest, we plan on adding some trees, flowers, and hopefully, a POOL and a HAMMOCK one day. We do enjoy our time out here though. 

The kids played in the sandbox, water, trampoline for hours.  

Our dogs enjoy life out here also, but especially when we are outside too. 

Our 17 year old  Lab, Lucky. She really doesn't get in on the action now that she's so old. She used to love to play ball, chase and play in the water. 

Our two year old Maltipoo, Maggie. She's an active girl and loves to chase her fox and the kids around. She's always waiting on scraps too. 

This is our rescue dog, Buddy. We aren't quite sure how old he is, but we think he's around eight. He's a sweet dog and loves being cuddled. He thinks he's a lap dog, but he's 75 lbs! I think not. haha

We grilled chicken and sausage and ate lunch outside today.  

Kinsley felt the need to get out of her swimsuit and change into pajamas. This girl! :)

After nap time, my sister called and asked us if we wanted to meet at our neighborhood park, so we did! Kinsley & Carly really enjoy playing together and it had been a while. We had a good time.

My sister pushing the older ones on the swings. 

I pushed the younger two. 

Look at that beautiful Texas sky! 

We got home, made fajitas for dinner. 

Then, the kids wanted to go BACK outside. 

They found some pink hairspray and wanted it. sigh. 

Witten picked this alligator out of the $1 bin at Walmart, on Friday and has been carrying it around ever since. 
They played hard and we came in and started our wind down. Put the kiddos to bed and watched the ACMs. 

It was SUCH a beautiful day. I could live outside this time of year.  I am not looking forward to summertime in Texas. If you give me a pool, I will be outside all day, everyday of the summer. Maybe one day! 

Have a great week friends!


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